2020 Events

March 12: HOA Meeting @ 7pm Location: 6960 Lookout Ct.

April 4:  Easter egg hunt (PENDING VOLUNTEERS)

May 1-2:  Spring Garage Sales

May 12:  *HOA Meeting (location will be announced closer to the date)

June 27:  4th of July Parade (PENDING VOLUNTEERS)

September 8:  *HOA Meeting

September 11-12:  Fall Garage Sale

November 10:  *HOA Meeting-Board Member Elections

December:  Yuletide Gathering (Date/time will be announced later in the year)

* Date could change.  Every once in awhile an illness or family issue comes up and we need to reschedule.  We don't like to do this, but it does happen.  We will always keep the Facebook page updated, along with the website and Next-door app.

We are always looking for new ideas for events. If you would like to be part of the event planning committee, please contact logsdonsridgepresident@gmail.com, or join us at a regular HOA meeting.