In order to protect the air that we breathe, the Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency has established guidelines regarding the open burning of all outdoor fires that do not vent to a chimney or stack. This agency services Butler, Clermont, Hamilton and Warren counties. Open burning is prohibited for the following reasons:

  • Open burning pollutes the air we breathe by emitting harmful chemicals.
  • Pollutants released by open burning make it difficult to attain health-based air quality standards.
  • Open burning releases harmful pollutants that contribute to air pollution.
  • The harmful pollutants can cause difficulties in breathing, increased asthma attacks, and other health risks.

The properties in Logsdon’s Ridge are located within a village or city, therefore no open burning is permitted other than outdoor fire pits with a stack no larger than 2 ft. high by 3 ft. wide. The Ohio EPA has the legal authority to enforce the open burning laws and violations can result in penalties. Following is a chart that outlines the regulations: