So as to better communicate with our residents we have reinstated the street rep program. The street reps will occasionally deliver timely written notifications or items such as the luminary kits to the residents on their respective streets. Thanks to the wonderful people who have already volunteered to serve as a street rep. We want to express a huge “Thank You” to those people for already beating the pavement to secure contact information for the residents on their street and for delivering the luminary kits in December. Below are the street reps for each zone:

Highpoint Blvd. -

Highpoint Ct - Rick Zipperian -

Pinnacle Ct - Mary Jo Inkrot -

Peak Dr (east) - Jodi Ellis -

Beaver Ct - Paulette Reszke -

Lookout Ct (south) - Karen Gardner -

Lookout Ct (north) - Christina Betz -

Mesa Place - Kathy Romano -

Zenith Ct (south) - Colleen Foley -

Zenith Ct (north) - Marty Dwyer -